Video Streaming has had a clear and significant impact on online advertising and is continuing to grow.

Specifically ,Vomedia has developed innovative rate models for performance base and lead oriented efferts including Cost Per Engagement and Cost Per Acquisition,all powered by broad band technology.

Vomedia tailors online advertising models to fit client needs. Innovative rate models include performance base and lead oriented formats, specifically, Cost Per Engagement, Cost Per Acquisition, are being provided as new formats for advertisers and are powered with broadband technology.

Further, there are several attractive models not served by television, a guaranteed impression, discreet metrics, and reporting results that are components of the ad buy.

Rational advertisers buy reach and need campaign scale to make the buy meaningful. Video embedded units offer for broadcast advertisers much greater reach than display inventory which is limited by the number of pageviews delivered through a website with a limited awareness, or tied to the amount of inventory publishers make available.

Video streamings continued growth brings several overall market development trends that can benefit advertisers.

Video is proving to be an effective online distribution vehicle for entertainment, news, sports, music, retail, travel, home and garden, television, movies , movie related content, and web-only content designed specifically to extend brand interactivity and awareness.

These trends not only increase audience reach and enable larger media buys, which in some cases rival those of cable and satellite networks, but they also increase the overall share of broadcast media buying at the advertiser and agency levels.

Vomedia creates superstitial ad units that display between page turns and contain rich media elements and formats.